Here at Provex we understand IT is becoming more complex by the minute. From new software, IT up time and security, dispersed work force, backup and redundancy, mobility to trends with data centres and cloud technology. Yet despite this, businesses like yours are demanding speed to market like never before. You need IT solutions that will take the headache out of managing your IT, ways to better manage resources and reduce costs, and solutions that won’t slow your innovation or hinder your firm from identifying new business opportunities.

Our end-to-end services can manage all areas of your IT — we can become your outsourced IT department or we can fill in gaps in your on-board systems or provide consulting expertise as needed.  Don’t want to build your own IT infrastructure? We can audit, design, configure, install, and maintain IT systems for you. We do it all.

We understand that your business is not in the business of IT service. You need to make your organisation more efficient and productive so you can focus on your core business — building better products and services in a wide range of industries, and growing your revenue and customer base. By outsourcing your IT services, we can help you do that. We strive in  providing end-to-end, vendor-independent IT services for small to medium-sized businesses.

We can offer very competitive rates for Leasing & Finance through our relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services & CrediFlex New Zealand. No longer do you have to worry about the dreaded bills that come with replacing outdated equipment, with our simple monthly payment & leasing options that is now a worry of the past .

Today we work and operate in a world of constant change.  The ability to adapt and respond to change is necessary to deliver value faster and better than the competition.  This requires a new way of thinking across all functions of the business, including IT and finance.  With global expertise and an array of different funding models to meet your needs, HPE Financial Services can provide the right IT investment strategy to be able to access the best IT for you and deliver the right financial outcomes.

Technology Consulting

We have a large range of partnerships and suppliers that allows us to offer solutions to all ranges of IT issues. We can do full office installations, equipment sourcing and software implementations for all businesses.

Technology Sourcing

Sourcing the ‘right’ IT can be a challenge. With the help of our expert team we are able to find the right products for you every time. Don’t let cash-flow issues get in the way of new equipment with our competitive lease options available.

Unified Communications

We’ve partnered with local carriers throughout New Zealand to extend what we can offer our clients, From complex cloud PBX systems, Web hosting to UFB business connections. With the power of our nationwide network we are able to deliver secure,fast & reliable solutions, lets connect your business.

Remote and On-Site Support

Our remote repair service makes it easy for everyone with computer problems no matter where you are in the world. Also our technicians can come to your business and get things back up and running fast!

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