Throughout businesses, people use different forms of technology daily as the lifeline to their operation and decision making process, yet business owners neglect these systems the most, here is why…

Not so long ago having a IT company to manage your network was a luxury and not a need. A few business owners jumped on board but usually business owners tried to patch together systems themselves. Jump forward to the present day, and we are now seeing more and more business owners jumping at the opportunity to have their systems maintained. Why? It is simple really, because when technology is maintained it doesn’t fail.

As I am sure you can imagine, even an hour of downtime to your business infrastructure could be detrimental to not only sale figures but staff productivity. Think of it this way, if you don’t service your car regularly are you going to get as much life from it as if you did ? Certainly not. This is the approach we take to our business, to always be proactive and simplify where possible so that your business never experiences downtime.

“Keeping your technology maintained is like a form of insurance, it’s a need, not a want”

There was once only a handful of  IT companies in Auckland, and now there are well over 30+, we still believe Provex is the best, here is why:

  • We use only the best equipment; When we work with you we tailor our equipment selection to your needs. Our equipment vendors are handpicked with you in mind. This is to ensure we get the most optimal results and long term reliability. Therefore decreasing the need to upgrade physical hardware as often.
  • We hire only the best team; We understand the importance of an amazing team, this is why all of our staff that are qualified professionals with an amazing work ethic and a friendly smile. From our Sales Consultants to Support & Development Teams, you are sure to be impressed.
  • We keep our finger on the pulse; Training & Education is paramount to success, this is why we invest heavily in staff education and keeping up to date with the latest products and services. The world of technology is constantly moving at a rapid pace, with new advances being released daily. Our investment in education allows us to adopt a rapid release cycle for new products on the market, this means that we are able to offer the latest products & services at a quicker rate then traditional IT companies.
  • Tailored services; When you work with Provex we realize that it is not one product fits all. That is why we work with you to create a “prescription” solution for your needs. Every business faces it’s own challenges and there is a huge pool of pre-made solutions available, but they are rarely customized to your needs. That is where we are different, we take the time to learn your current business processes and suggest and customize systems to work for your needs.
  • A personalized experience. No one wants to be passed around a call center when they are in need of help. We like to keep things simple, one number to call, one person to deal with. If for whatever reason your main contact is unable to assist you then we will make sure the person who does is fully equipped with all the information needed to pick-up where the last person left off. No more repeating yourself, that most defiantly is a thing of the past.
  • We are transparent with our clients; One thing we have always been huge on is transparency. If we see something that needs to be addressed we will always tell you. Its better for both the client and ourselves if we keep an open and honest relationship. We won’t run from our commitments. Our clients success is are always our top priority.

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We just signed on with Provex a few weeks ago, and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. The team have been very professional and polite. Our sales rep, Jayden, has worked tirelessly through multiple rounds of changes to our IT plan to get it just the way we want it. We’re impressed and very pleased!
John Turner
John Turner


How would we describe Provex? One word, Superheros!  The team is always so knowledgeable and friendly and very responsive to our needs. I am blown away with the help we have been given overhauling our old IT systems.  We have had a really great R.O.I and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all other business owners.
Nancy Taylor
Nancy Taylor


Provex is absolutely incredible! I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have used them as our IT company for many many years now and every single time the work they do is exceptional. The team is talented, professional, friendly and customer focused on every level.
Gina Long
Gina Long